PSYCHIATRY Network etc.


This is Psychiatry Network Etc., a resource to get information about psychiatry, social media happenings and upcoming events. Psychiatry Network Etc.’s goal is to be a virtual space that leads to connection with others.


Christina Girgis, M.D. is an active leader on social media and the founder of several large psychiatry networking groups, including Psychiatry Network, and Women’s Psychiatry Group, which can both be found on Facebook. As a consultation-liaison psychiatrist, she is dedicated to connecting others with what they need. Dr. Girgis is a graduate of Northeast Ohio Medical University and completed residency and fellowship at Rush University and University of Illinois in Chicago. Previously the founder and director of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship, she now serves as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine where she is also the Associate Training Director of the adult psychiatry residency program. She serves as the Medical Director of the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service at Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital, treating medically complex veterans with psychiatric and substance use issues. A strong advocate for women physicians, she has researched, written about and spoken on issues that affect women in medicine, including gender disparity, work-life balance, discrimination and sexual harassment. and discrimination that affect women in medicine. In 2018, Dr. Girgis developed and co-chaired the first conference for women psychiatrists. She is steadfast in her commitment to the field of psychiatry and the physicians within it who serve others. When she is not working, innovating or networking, she can be found with her husband Dany, son Daniel and their puggle Dudley in Hinsdale, Illinois.



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The Psychiatry Network’s first annual (2018) Women Physicians Conference is the best professional conference/retreat experience that I have ever had! The Women’s Psychiatry Group on Facebook has been a special place where smart, supportive, thoughtful, physicians have been helping each other practice psychiatry in many different settings. The opportunity to meet in person cemented those ties. Imagine a conference designed for you, by colleagues who have keen intuition, shared experience, and who take the time to find out what you want and need in a professional meeting. From relevant psychiatry updates, to specialized topics on being a woman physician and leader, to small dinner groups designed to build friendships and peer relationships, this was an ideal intellectual and community building environment. I look forward to next year!

/  Karen Blackman, MD, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan  /